Crystal Wedding Wish Tree

Not a postbox but a “Crystal Wedding Wish Tree”. Here it is our stunning wishing tree. It stands approx 3.5ft high. Comes complete with votive candle holder, some cut glass crystal strands and a framed poem, that advises guest to write on cards to hang on the tree.

In times gone by people believed that certain trees contained spirits and that you could make a wish by touching the trees or by walking around them three times forward then three times backward. This is how the idea of ‘wishing trees’ and the saying ‘touch wood’ originated.

We don’t expect your guests to be doing this of course, but we do supply colour coordinated / personalised cards for them to write down their wish for you and hang on the tree!


How To Hire Your Crystal Wedding Wish Tree

Just go to the contact page and fill in the form or give us a call in the office and we’ll let you know the availability and the cost.

Delivery options

We  deliver the wish tree to you or your venue. We’ll deliver it in plenty of time . Please note, there is a fee for delivery however once we know your venue we can give you an accurate delivery quote.

The Wish Tree Photo

wish tree large

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